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So this isn't the best playthrough of this song, but it shows off Zoozo and their miss animation and that's the important thing here. This robot is from pop'n music 19 TUNE STREET and I remember when I first saw them back in the day I identified really hard with them, because at the time I was having to manage some groups of my friends and keep the peace between them and it was massively stressful--kind of like having a bunch of wild animals running around inside you. It was tough.

I thought about them for the first time in years tonight, and to be honest it's a surprisingly intense feeling to be reminded of this stuff, kind of painful. But now I'm thinking "ah, but I bet when they get along it's really nice...and I bet they give a lot back to Zoozo as well." I bet Zoozo can feel the emotions of their animals. Maybe they feel the same way about the animals that I do about my boys like Macho, Bob Sparker and the Bonanzas. That makes me feel a lot better about it.

I don't have 'kin feelings' very often (I RP some characters and am very attached to them, but I don't feel as if I am those characters most of the time; it's almost always externalized like "we have a working relationship), but I kinda do get kin feels about Zoozo. I find that pretty interesting, since they aren't one of the pop'n characters I think about all the time, but I guess you can stumble into that kind of feeling out of nowhere, huh?
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I cleaned up a bunch of my workroom today ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ I'm going to have a lot of art supplies to donate or give away soon! I'm probably going to let my friends have first pick and then donate the rest to classrooms around here. I'll make a post about what I have once I'm finished.

Things are going pretty okay right now. I've printed out a couple drafts of the Electricopolis vol. 1 paperback book (it's basically a zine/sampler) but I'm a little concerned that the text is too small, so I gotta run it by my folks first and see if I have to change the entire format around again. To be honest, I'm really sick of having to mess with it, but what can you do?

Also I've been playing a hell of a lot of 3D Fantasy Zone lately and it's so good!!! It's really hard but it's a very rewarding game. It helps that there are freely available save states and round select, and the game doesn't penalize you for using either of them. It's still a pretty exhausting game to play, but I'm really enchanted by the colors and the enemies and the overly dramatic backstories and just, like, everything. So the sequel comes out in two months and I'm really excite about that too!!

Oh yeah, so the New 3DS XL came in the mail too. It's nice!!! It's very nice. I've needed a bigger screen for a while, and the black looks so pretty I don't even mind that I can't swap out faceplates. It's really more of a charcoal grey with very subtle pinstriping and that's really beautiful, imo.

Also I'm thinking of making more of an effort to post more often by remembering/documenting things I've seen/learned and things I've done, from a suggestion from a post on tumblr. I already talked a bit about what I've done, so...

Things I've seen.
  • A really pretty swimsuit in Old Navy that didn't fit me ;_; I want to go to the pool again...!

  • A hell of a lot of snow. A cat walking through the snow very gently. Pat pat pat.

  • Guts Man (one of our cats) sandwiched between the couch and a three-tiered kitchen cart I use for holding my art supplies. What a comfortable baby.

Things I've learned.
  • There are some species of spider where the males give females "back rubs" and deposit silk on their body so the females won't eat them after they mate. I think this is a great idea for courtship, personally. Give me a back rub and dump silk all over me, imo.

  • In Space Harrier, which takes place in the same "fantasy zone" that Fantasy Zone does, there are giant stone faces called "Ida" which are hostile to Harrier. In Fantasy Zone, one of the bosses is named Ida-2 and is a giant face. They must be related.

  • Lemon yogurt actually tastes really good
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oh my god it's happening. Club Nintendo is dying so that Flipnote Studio 3D may finally live.

I'm not actually torn up about this because there's going to be a new rewards program later, and tbh Club Nintendo was really going downhill for a while anyway. (That said, I actually really enjoyed being a part of it, too. It was fun.) More than anything else I'm happy that Flipnote Studio 3D is FINALLY coming out at all, even though there's a lot of speculation that it'll be in an incredibly stripped-down, offline form.

And, y'know what, I was kind of grumbly about it earlier but I'm ultimately okay with this too. It's not exactly surprising, after what happened with Swapnote, and anyway, exporting to SD cards (or even uploading right from the 3DS) will do us okay. Hell, people were able to recreate Flipnote Hatena on the DSi in the form of Sudomemo, so who knows what else they'll be able to do?

In other news, RENT-A-HERO HAS FINALLY BEEN FULLY TRANSLATED. I'm really looking forward to spending the entire day playing it. Yesterday was really really hard on me, so I really need some time to just chill out and rent a hero.
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i've been playing shovel knight lately!! i just beat it this morning!! it's so good!!

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oh god i'm playing final fantasy tactics advance again and it is so good. god, i think it might have my favorite design of any ff game ever?? the game is fairly deep and complex but it's presented in such a way that I feel like everything is really easy to grasp. there's no fucking around with zodiac signs/faith/bravery for one thing!!

anyway, like, i'm not feeling this group of clan members as much as i did with my old game, but some of them are turning out great! here are some of my favorites:

Luna (Marche, Human Soldier): Ughhh I tried to keep him as a thief so I could jump right to ninja, but it was like pulling teeth so I'm keeping him a soldier for now so he can at least learn, like, Powerbreak, which is useful. I think I'll do that, then turn him into a thief => ninja, learn Doublehanded, then turn him into a fighter. That's what I did last time and it worked terrifyingly well. (Montblanc is just a straight up black mage)
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