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I still need to do actual research on this, but something weird happens in my dreams and I'm curious if it happens to many others also. Basically, when I'm dreaming, I often experience persistent places and structures, and memories from these dreams persist from one night to the next as well.

This isn't too unusual, but the weird thing is that...well, take this example: I keep dreaming of a distinct series of roads and turns that I can take to get to restaurants or other areas. The dream world has a superficial physical appearance of the area around my parents' house, but when I'm awake, I don't confuse the directions I take in the dream with the directions I take in real life. Part of this is because the destinations in the dream--bookstores, restaurants, etc--don't actually exist irl, but in the dream I'm convinced they're real, so I'm surprised I don't get
confused. It's like I can simultaneously exist in both worlds at different times, with each world being a legitimate physical place with its own rules.

Here are a few examples of locations in the dream world that I've visited multiple times:


  • A hotel with 50 floors, the upper ones of which are only accessible using a particular service elevator (i get chased by people often in this place and have to go to the maintenance areas)

  • A sprawling mall with one or two shabby arcades and an import game goods shop (I get lost here sometimes)

  • A cross-state drive that takes me to Delaware via peaceful, wandering country roads (this might actually be real, I forget, it's been years since i drove to DE)

  • A huge house that I live in with my parents and some other people. It has lots of rooms but is structured really oddly, almost like a cat tower--it has floors without stairs that you have to climb up to, and bathrooms connected to bedrooms in all kinds of disparate styles. It also has a basement sewer entrance and a secret attic that I sometimes hide in.
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DC and I went to bed at about 10:30 last night (par for the course for me, very early for him tho) and I couldn't sleep through the night, so I'm awake at 4 am now. I don't mind too much--I polished off some leftovers in the fridge and now I'm just chilling on my ipod :^) sometimes it's really nice to be up at this time, especially when the windows are up and I can hear the bugs outside. The cicadas are either gone or sleeping, so right now it's mostly grasshoppers and what sounds like frogs.

Being able to hear outside creatures is pretty important to helps me feel connected to the world, and more hopeful.


Sep. 15th, 2015 01:59 pm
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Our giant cat tried to bite through the plastic surrounding the sourdough bread. Guts Man wants to eat the sour dogs. What the hell

Here's a picture of him being enormous, also starring My Leg:

Weird day

Sep. 9th, 2015 09:53 pm
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Man, today was a really weird day. I started off by beating Space Fishermen
(that game I was playing on [community profile] rainbowgames), which made me a little sad because I love that game so much, and then I got groceries and filled up at the gas station. And then I saw a lady across from me fill up her car while the engine was on??? I was kind of terrified and told her it was a health risk. At the very least the sign at the gas station says not to do it. (Apparently the risk of a car blowing up is pretty low--smoking at the pump is worse--but dang though.)

I did a good thing and bought some water bottles for some workmen down the street though 💪 They appreciated it a lot. I enjoy, making sure people are hydrate.

Some other stuff happened that I kinda dont want to recount but I also decorated some CD sleeves with washi tape, so have a picture:
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I cleaned up a bunch of my workroom today ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ I'm going to have a lot of art supplies to donate or give away soon! I'm probably going to let my friends have first pick and then donate the rest to classrooms around here. I'll make a post about what I have once I'm finished.

Things are going pretty okay right now. I've printed out a couple drafts of the Electricopolis vol. 1 paperback book (it's basically a zine/sampler) but I'm a little concerned that the text is too small, so I gotta run it by my folks first and see if I have to change the entire format around again. To be honest, I'm really sick of having to mess with it, but what can you do?

Also I've been playing a hell of a lot of 3D Fantasy Zone lately and it's so good!!! It's really hard but it's a very rewarding game. It helps that there are freely available save states and round select, and the game doesn't penalize you for using either of them. It's still a pretty exhausting game to play, but I'm really enchanted by the colors and the enemies and the overly dramatic backstories and just, like, everything. So the sequel comes out in two months and I'm really excite about that too!!

Oh yeah, so the New 3DS XL came in the mail too. It's nice!!! It's very nice. I've needed a bigger screen for a while, and the black looks so pretty I don't even mind that I can't swap out faceplates. It's really more of a charcoal grey with very subtle pinstriping and that's really beautiful, imo.

Also I'm thinking of making more of an effort to post more often by remembering/documenting things I've seen/learned and things I've done, from a suggestion from a post on tumblr. I already talked a bit about what I've done, so...

Things I've seen.
  • A really pretty swimsuit in Old Navy that didn't fit me ;_; I want to go to the pool again...!

  • A hell of a lot of snow. A cat walking through the snow very gently. Pat pat pat.

  • Guts Man (one of our cats) sandwiched between the couch and a three-tiered kitchen cart I use for holding my art supplies. What a comfortable baby.

Things I've learned.
  • There are some species of spider where the males give females "back rubs" and deposit silk on their body so the females won't eat them after they mate. I think this is a great idea for courtship, personally. Give me a back rub and dump silk all over me, imo.

  • In Space Harrier, which takes place in the same "fantasy zone" that Fantasy Zone does, there are giant stone faces called "Ida" which are hostile to Harrier. In Fantasy Zone, one of the bosses is named Ida-2 and is a giant face. They must be related.

  • Lemon yogurt actually tastes really good
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ahAHHAHA I just remembered that I'm covering for someone this saturday on teaching a two-hour character design class!!!!! this is on top of me laying out a new electricopolis book for Smudge Expo in March (I'm teaching that 3:00-3:50pm class on anime/manga and I'm also going to be tabling and stuff) and needing to make new business cards and ddDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

I'm like super stressed out right now I feel completely unprepared for anything ( ;;'_') this really snuck up on me!! cripes!! i can't do a whole lot until i talk to my contact about the class tonight, at 8pm, so i'm really trying not to worry until then....but ddd my handouts are so old and need to be redrawn, for sure...
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Doing pretty well lately!! working very hard on some things

  • Going to launch a tip jar on New Year's to bring in a little money. I'm supported well by my husband but I feel like a damn moocher if I can't bring in a little money for my own spending sake. Plus, it's nice to be able to get a little money for doing rp blogs and things, since I put so much love and work into them and it's all unpaid.

  • Now that I've finished The Toast of Electricopolis (whew, been wanting to get that one done for years now!), next on the list is to get everything ready for season two in a couple of weeks. I have a few one-shots all ready and accounted for, but I need to finish drafting and editing my multi-parters. To be honest, these ones have been fighting me for a while, but I think I'm past the worst of it.

  • My New Year's res is to make more finished "goods," digital or physical, that I can sell on my gumroad shop. Little roleplay blog anthologies and things, along with some Electricopolis collections and posters and stuff.'ll be hard work, but I can do it, I think. I've already gotten a head start on some of it.
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I think I'm gonna submit something to a local art show this year? the deadline is january 8th and the only rules are that it has to be something made in the last two years and not previously exhibited. I'm thinking of making a really big pointillism piece or something, something semi-abstract in an alien landscape kind of way. I made one like that years ago for an art class of mine in college and I really enjoyed it!

tbh I'm really feeling the whole Being a Productive Member of Society thing lately, which is great because I really wasn't for, like, a month before that. Now I'm actually buckling down and getting more work done on a more consistent basis. It feels good after such a long time!!

Stuff I'm working on:
  • A special Christmas story for Electricopolis!!! I'm posting WIPs of it over at [ profile] electricopolis, but I might start crossposting them here because I'm pretty proud of how it's going so far.
  • An Electricopolis story that picks up after the events of Voice on the Radio. It introduces a new character I'm really excited about, and wraps up some loose ends. The Christmas story is higher priority but this one's coming along really well too.
  • I really want to get back into the groove of making physical goods again. I might make a book of some Electricopolis stuff--either a compilation of Voice on the Radio (with extra goodies like a special cover illustration, concept art/roughs, etc), or a special edition of Bad Memories that has a sequel added in, working title "Bad Company." I'm really excited about this!! I'm going to try and devote Saturdays to working on physical/sellable goods, since I haven't done that in ages.

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