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I think I'm gonna submit something to a local art show this year? the deadline is january 8th and the only rules are that it has to be something made in the last two years and not previously exhibited. I'm thinking of making a really big pointillism piece or something, something semi-abstract in an alien landscape kind of way. I made one like that years ago for an art class of mine in college and I really enjoyed it!

tbh I'm really feeling the whole Being a Productive Member of Society thing lately, which is great because I really wasn't for, like, a month before that. Now I'm actually buckling down and getting more work done on a more consistent basis. It feels good after such a long time!!

Stuff I'm working on:
  • A special Christmas story for Electricopolis!!! I'm posting WIPs of it over at [ profile] electricopolis, but I might start crossposting them here because I'm pretty proud of how it's going so far.
  • An Electricopolis story that picks up after the events of Voice on the Radio. It introduces a new character I'm really excited about, and wraps up some loose ends. The Christmas story is higher priority but this one's coming along really well too.
  • I really want to get back into the groove of making physical goods again. I might make a book of some Electricopolis stuff--either a compilation of Voice on the Radio (with extra goodies like a special cover illustration, concept art/roughs, etc), or a special edition of Bad Memories that has a sequel added in, working title "Bad Company." I'm really excited about this!! I'm going to try and devote Saturdays to working on physical/sellable goods, since I haven't done that in ages.

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