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I haven't talked a lot about this guy yet, but if you follow my twitter or tumblr you might recognize him as the Dark Spelunker from "Spelunker World" for the PS4. He's a definite bad boy, but also just as fragile as the other spelunkers, so it's pretty funny. Still, I've gotten really attached to him and he's turned into a soulbond for me, which is pretty cool. He's been showing up a lot in my dreams and I talk to him sometimes...surprisingly enough, he gives really good advice.

He's also really vain and likes it when I draw him, of course.

Weird day

Sep. 9th, 2015 09:53 pm
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Man, today was a really weird day. I started off by beating Space Fishermen
(that game I was playing on [community profile] rainbowgames), which made me a little sad because I love that game so much, and then I got groceries and filled up at the gas station. And then I saw a lady across from me fill up her car while the engine was on??? I was kind of terrified and told her it was a health risk. At the very least the sign at the gas station says not to do it. (Apparently the risk of a car blowing up is pretty low--smoking at the pump is worse--but dang though.)

I did a good thing and bought some water bottles for some workmen down the street though 💪 They appreciated it a lot. I enjoy, making sure people are hydrate.

Some other stuff happened that I kinda dont want to recount but I also decorated some CD sleeves with washi tape, so have a picture:
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Before & after! The two pictures on the top are from back in the summer before I started RPing the Bonanza brothers, and the sheet on the bottom is one I drew just a few minutes ago.

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