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There’s a feeling of pressure in his head, sometimes, when there’s just too many thoughts and not enough room for them. Robo can feel the sensation start in his fingers and crawl up his arms, the antsiness of needing to do something now.

“Mobo, I’m losin’ it,” he pleads. “Let’s pull a job. Right now. Today. Please?”

And Mobo says yes, because he can’t say no. First, because it’s his brother. Second, because he doesn’t want Robo going stir crazy. Third, because…

“Awright,” he agrees. “But only if I get to bust somethin’ up.”

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Title: Circling
Series: Final Fantasy V
Pairing: Omega/Shinryu
Rating: Explicit / R-18 / NSFW
Summary: Omega and Shinryu: eternal enemies, eternal companions, eternal partners, eternal mates.
AO3 Link:

Most scholars adhered to the theory that Omega was created to destroy Shinryu and Shinryu existed to destroy Omega in turn, but that was only the beginning of the story. Where one went, the other followed, and over countless eons they had clashed and fought time and time again. But Shinryu relished nothing more than a good struggle, and Omega was clever enough to realize it would have no reason to exist without its prey. So neither destroyed the other--they had far more enjoyable games they wished to play.

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sleepy moon did a lot of good tech support today for moon parents

tired now. resting

i wrote a little thing on [ profile] bonanza-brothers today though, i liked it a lot so i'm gonna post it here. it's called starry eyed and it's about coping methods (consensual violence, roughhousing/fistfighting) and care.

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