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Filmia: To tell you the truth, the Frog Clan has long admired the moon...


Filmia: Of course! That which watches over us at night, which casts silvery light upon the lakes and marshes, which inspires every bird and beast to song...why, we've composed numerous odes to that heavenly sphere! Would you like me to sing one for you?

That'd be very nice, thank you...

Filmia: (croaks)

Ah.................thank you, Prince Filmia.
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I'm not human and I'm trying to figure out how I feel about that...

Filmia: Not human, you say?

Yes. I'm definitely not human.

Filmia: Well, neither am I! Serendipitous, isn't it? (croaks happily) We are part of a grand, nonhuman siblinghood!

Well, sort of, I think... Sometimes I take a lot of pride in it. But I can't shake this "what if I just don't feel good enough to be human?" What if calling myself "not a human" is just my way of beating up on myself?

Filmia: Well, what do you consider "being human," then? What can humans do that you can't?

Well...when I feel most like "a person" is when I cook and clean and do generally productive human things...but then I don't suddenly call myself a human on those days. I just feel like I've been a very productive moon.

Filmia: Then that should settle it, don't you think? (croak) A productive moon, a nonproductive're still a moon, and that's that! There's nothing inherently more noble about being human, you know. 

That's true...

Filmia: Now, frogs, on the other hand...I daresay we have some inherent nobility ourselves! (croaks happily) But then again, I admit my own biases on the subject!
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So this isn't the best playthrough of this song, but it shows off Zoozo and their miss animation and that's the important thing here. This robot is from pop'n music 19 TUNE STREET and I remember when I first saw them back in the day I identified really hard with them, because at the time I was having to manage some groups of my friends and keep the peace between them and it was massively stressful--kind of like having a bunch of wild animals running around inside you. It was tough.

I thought about them for the first time in years tonight, and to be honest it's a surprisingly intense feeling to be reminded of this stuff, kind of painful. But now I'm thinking "ah, but I bet when they get along it's really nice...and I bet they give a lot back to Zoozo as well." I bet Zoozo can feel the emotions of their animals. Maybe they feel the same way about the animals that I do about my boys like Macho, Bob Sparker and the Bonanzas. That makes me feel a lot better about it.

I don't have 'kin feelings' very often (I RP some characters and am very attached to them, but I don't feel as if I am those characters most of the time; it's almost always externalized like "we have a working relationship), but I kinda do get kin feels about Zoozo. I find that pretty interesting, since they aren't one of the pop'n characters I think about all the time, but I guess you can stumble into that kind of feeling out of nowhere, huh?

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