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I really like cartoon violence, it's very My Aesthetic so I figured I'd put together an inspiration post along those lines. Warnings for morbid imagery, etc. This is also a really long post so most of it's under a cut!

Antonio Prohias' Spy vs Spy

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So DC and I have been watching a lot of SPIRAL ZONE lately, which is this super obscure 80s Sell Those Toys cartoon. It's a little like GI Joe except with a really specific premise: roughly half the Earth's population has been forcibly mind-controlled and turned into brainwashed slaves called Zoners by a figure called the Overlord. you can tell Zoners apart bc of their yellow skin and horrible red lesions. Anyone caught in a Zone (created by Zone Generators) slowly becomes Zoned unless they're wearing special suits to block the effects, of which only five exist. So there's a super-soldier team of five international heroes called the ZONE RAIDERS who
wear these suits, using them to battle against the evil Overlord and his five lieutenants, the Black Widows.

The effect is a lot like Fist of the North Star, in that you have a lot of beautiful shots of ruined cities, and tons of chase sequences on ridiculous Future Vehicles. You also get to see population centers split in two at the border between a Zone and a free area, and it's really eerie to see the effects of families who have been broken up by the Zone, leaving some members free and some enslaved by the Overlord. It's a really, really cool show, and it gets surprisingly dark and emotional, too.

(Heads up tho: the Zone Raiders have two Americans and then one Russian lady, one German guy and one Japanese guy, so there's A LOT of over the top accents and "in Russia, we have a saying..." stuff. On the bright side, the Japanese guy has a robot shaped like a Hercules beetle, and he launches it at people and it flips over them and their vehicles. It is incredible.)

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