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Birthdate:May 21
Location:Maryland, United States of America
I'm moon. My pronouns are (in order of preference): it/its, moon/moon's, she/her.

Please don't take it personally if I don't subscribe back, or if I unsubscribe to your entries. This is meant to be a super safe space for me so I'm trying to keep it chill enough so that I can relax when I'm stressed. Thank you.

My original stuff:

My roleplay blogs: (Robo & Mobo from Sega's Bonanza Bros.) (Super Macho Man from Nintendo's Punch-Out!!) (Namco's Pac-Man, heavily Smash 4-inspired)

Interests (39):

alexander, bonanza bros, clockwork knight, dark spelunker, dragon quest, dragon quest iv, dragon warrior, dragon warrior iv, dynamite headdy, exit, fan fiction, fanfic, filmia, final fantasy, fkmt, gay pornography, gregory horror show, irem, la-mulana, legend of legacy, lemeza kosugi, nigoro, nintendo, pac man, pacman, pop'n music, punch out, roleplaying, rp, sega, silhuoette mirage, spelunker, spelunker world, spy vs spy, taito, the legend of legacy, treasure games, treasure inc., video games
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