Sep. 15th, 2015 01:59 pm
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Our giant cat tried to bite through the plastic surrounding the sourdough bread. Guts Man wants to eat the sour dogs. What the hell

Here's a picture of him being enormous, also starring My Leg:
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So DC and I have been watching a lot of SPIRAL ZONE lately, which is this super obscure 80s Sell Those Toys cartoon. It's a little like GI Joe except with a really specific premise: roughly half the Earth's population has been forcibly mind-controlled and turned into brainwashed slaves called Zoners by a figure called the Overlord. you can tell Zoners apart bc of their yellow skin and horrible red lesions. Anyone caught in a Zone (created by Zone Generators) slowly becomes Zoned unless they're wearing special suits to block the effects, of which only five exist. So there's a super-soldier team of five international heroes called the ZONE RAIDERS who
wear these suits, using them to battle against the evil Overlord and his five lieutenants, the Black Widows.

The effect is a lot like Fist of the North Star, in that you have a lot of beautiful shots of ruined cities, and tons of chase sequences on ridiculous Future Vehicles. You also get to see population centers split in two at the border between a Zone and a free area, and it's really eerie to see the effects of families who have been broken up by the Zone, leaving some members free and some enslaved by the Overlord. It's a really, really cool show, and it gets surprisingly dark and emotional, too.

(Heads up tho: the Zone Raiders have two Americans and then one Russian lady, one German guy and one Japanese guy, so there's A LOT of over the top accents and "in Russia, we have a saying..." stuff. On the bright side, the Japanese guy has a robot shaped like a Hercules beetle, and he launches it at people and it flips over them and their vehicles. It is incredible.)
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There’s a feeling of pressure in his head, sometimes, when there’s just too many thoughts and not enough room for them. Robo can feel the sensation start in his fingers and crawl up his arms, the antsiness of needing to do something now.

“Mobo, I’m losin’ it,” he pleads. “Let’s pull a job. Right now. Today. Please?”

And Mobo says yes, because he can’t say no. First, because it’s his brother. Second, because he doesn’t want Robo going stir crazy. Third, because…

“Awright,” he agrees. “But only if I get to bust somethin’ up.”

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Weird day

Sep. 9th, 2015 09:53 pm
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Man, today was a really weird day. I started off by beating Space Fishermen
(that game I was playing on [community profile] rainbowgames), which made me a little sad because I love that game so much, and then I got groceries and filled up at the gas station. And then I saw a lady across from me fill up her car while the engine was on??? I was kind of terrified and told her it was a health risk. At the very least the sign at the gas station says not to do it. (Apparently the risk of a car blowing up is pretty low--smoking at the pump is worse--but dang though.)

I did a good thing and bought some water bottles for some workmen down the street though 💪 They appreciated it a lot. I enjoy, making sure people are hydrate.

Some other stuff happened that I kinda dont want to recount but I also decorated some CD sleeves with washi tape, so have a picture:
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Laughs uproariously as I slam this electric blanket down on my zone!!! I'm in pain!!! Cramps own

Aside from that though I'm doing pretty well. Sorry I haven't kept up on using this, though. I've been pretty active over at [community profile] rainbowgames and I'm gonna make a post there soon about Space Fishermen for the PS2, which I'm really excited for.
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 Psst, hey everyone, I just crossposted some pornfic I write from AO3 to this journal. It's on my "filtered" (NSFW) filter, so if you are interested in that kind of dirty fic/art stuff and you want to be added to the filter, let me know here! Thanks!
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Title: Circling
Series: Final Fantasy V
Pairing: Omega/Shinryu
Rating: Explicit / R-18 / NSFW
Summary: Omega and Shinryu: eternal enemies, eternal companions, eternal partners, eternal mates.
AO3 Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/4554312

Most scholars adhered to the theory that Omega was created to destroy Shinryu and Shinryu existed to destroy Omega in turn, but that was only the beginning of the story. Where one went, the other followed, and over countless eons they had clashed and fought time and time again. But Shinryu relished nothing more than a good struggle, and Omega was clever enough to realize it would have no reason to exist without its prey. So neither destroyed the other--they had far more enjoyable games they wished to play.


Jul. 7th, 2015 10:21 pm
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I have a lot of weird pseudomystic feelings about Alexander--that's the summon Alexander from Final Fantasy, the big fuckoff Holy element castle dude--that I've developed over the past few months so I kind of want to get those down on paper for a second.

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Hi everyone! I've made a video games community on dreamwidth over at [community profile] rainbowgames ! Membership is open and highly encouraged, so please feel free to join and start posting! I really would like to make and maintain a nice safe space for stress-free video games discussion and I think this could really help!
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I'm thinking back to college and one of my least favorite things about college was the insistence on using certain really needlessly specific supplies for assignments. Like, I have a pad of Smooth Cotton Comp paper which I only ever bought because the teacher insisted on it, though I have absolutely no idea why. I had to hop from store to store to get it, and even now, Googling for "cotton comp paper" brings up only the results from Borden and Riley's site--it's like no other company makes this kind of paper at all??

It's really baffling to me. It's not like watercolor paper, which has a huge variety, and paper that's good for markers comes in a million different forms. I usually used bristol or vellum for finished work and sketchbooks for rough work, so why the insistence on "smooth cotton comp?" It claims to be bleedproof, but that only holds true if you're using water-based markers, because Sharpies or Copics bleed right through it without a problem. (The closest things I can compare this paper to are those packs of Copic-specific paper that are very thin and yet bleedproof, so I guess it's like that except for everything except Copic?)


[EDIT: All that said, I'm drawing on this with some stabilo 68 fine point water-based markers and I'm really digging how smooth and bright they are on this. That goes to show me, I guess!]
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but like where are my amiibos though. one day i will eventually receive the shulk and pac-man amiibos i ordered from gamestop

one day . onne d a y
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I suggested to a few of my friends that they start preparing food at the beginning of the week and packing them into easy lunches, so here are some suggestions! I don't have, like, a very wide range of cooking stuff but it's a start, anyway.

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Whew! Hopefully that helps anyone who's interested in making their own lunches more. I should get back to doing this, myself.

bing bong

Apr. 20th, 2015 04:39 pm
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(crossposted between Dreamwidth and Livejournal)

So I've been on Dreamwidth for a little while now, and while I like it, there's also been talk of other people coming back to Livejournal. Since I'm indecisive and can't figure out what to stick with, I'm going to be crossposting at both places for a little bit to test it out. (LJ Scrapbook is hard to resist, too.)

However, I've wanted to kind of separate myself from a lot of people and things from my past, so I've tried to clean out my friends list as best I can, especially by banning old & inactive accounts that were still following me. Along the way I might have banned people I didn't mean to, so if you can't post a comment here or something and you'd like to, just drop me a line on my DW account and I'll probably unban you. (Please don't take it personally if I don't, though.  got reasons.)

Anyway, here are some haunts of mine nowadays:

  • Twitter - Same old, same old. I don't know, Twitter kinda stresses me out lately, but whatever.

  • electricopolis.net - My web site!!! I finally got this series up and going last summer (in June!), and it's been going really well since then!
  • pkohberger @ tumblr - I post art on my normal tumblr and stuff, but this is more of a fancy-dancy portfolio thing with Nice Art (including fanart)
  • Bonanza Bros. RP blog and Super Macho Man RP blog - This is actually pretty important! I've been running these blogs for a while (over a year for Macho, I think? And almost a year for the Bonanzas?) and I've been really enjoying them.
  • Archive of Our Own - I need to upload more fanfic to this, but it's a pretty good repository as-is, I think.

That's about it, I think!

i'm moon

Apr. 1st, 2015 11:07 am
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Sometimes I think about gender/identity/stuff and I get all muddled and anxious. Eventually I circle back around to the only thing I really know for sure:
  • im moon
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So this isn't the best playthrough of this song, but it shows off Zoozo and their miss animation and that's the important thing here. This robot is from pop'n music 19 TUNE STREET and I remember when I first saw them back in the day I identified really hard with them, because at the time I was having to manage some groups of my friends and keep the peace between them and it was massively stressful--kind of like having a bunch of wild animals running around inside you. It was tough.

I thought about them for the first time in years tonight, and to be honest it's a surprisingly intense feeling to be reminded of this stuff, kind of painful. But now I'm thinking "ah, but I bet when they get along it's really nice...and I bet they give a lot back to Zoozo as well." I bet Zoozo can feel the emotions of their animals. Maybe they feel the same way about the animals that I do about my boys like Macho, Bob Sparker and the Bonanzas. That makes me feel a lot better about it.

I don't have 'kin feelings' very often (I RP some characters and am very attached to them, but I don't feel as if I am those characters most of the time; it's almost always externalized like "we have a working relationship), but I kinda do get kin feels about Zoozo. I find that pretty interesting, since they aren't one of the pop'n characters I think about all the time, but I guess you can stumble into that kind of feeling out of nowhere, huh?
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I cleaned up a bunch of my workroom today ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ I'm going to have a lot of art supplies to donate or give away soon! I'm probably going to let my friends have first pick and then donate the rest to classrooms around here. I'll make a post about what I have once I'm finished.

Things are going pretty okay right now. I've printed out a couple drafts of the Electricopolis vol. 1 paperback book (it's basically a zine/sampler) but I'm a little concerned that the text is too small, so I gotta run it by my folks first and see if I have to change the entire format around again. To be honest, I'm really sick of having to mess with it, but what can you do?

Also I've been playing a hell of a lot of 3D Fantasy Zone lately and it's so good!!! It's really hard but it's a very rewarding game. It helps that there are freely available save states and round select, and the game doesn't penalize you for using either of them. It's still a pretty exhausting game to play, but I'm really enchanted by the colors and the enemies and the overly dramatic backstories and just, like, everything. So the sequel comes out in two months and I'm really excite about that too!!

Oh yeah, so the New 3DS XL came in the mail too. It's nice!!! It's very nice. I've needed a bigger screen for a while, and the black looks so pretty I don't even mind that I can't swap out faceplates. It's really more of a charcoal grey with very subtle pinstriping and that's really beautiful, imo.

Also I'm thinking of making more of an effort to post more often by remembering/documenting things I've seen/learned and things I've done, from a suggestion from a post on tumblr. I already talked a bit about what I've done, so...

Things I've seen.
  • A really pretty swimsuit in Old Navy that didn't fit me ;_; I want to go to the pool again...!

  • A hell of a lot of snow. A cat walking through the snow very gently. Pat pat pat.

  • Guts Man (one of our cats) sandwiched between the couch and a three-tiered kitchen cart I use for holding my art supplies. What a comfortable baby.

Things I've learned.
  • There are some species of spider where the males give females "back rubs" and deposit silk on their body so the females won't eat them after they mate. I think this is a great idea for courtship, personally. Give me a back rub and dump silk all over me, imo.

  • In Space Harrier, which takes place in the same "fantasy zone" that Fantasy Zone does, there are giant stone faces called "Ida" which are hostile to Harrier. In Fantasy Zone, one of the bosses is named Ida-2 and is a giant face. They must be related.

  • Lemon yogurt actually tastes really good
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I'm waiting on the UPS truck to deliver my New Nintendo 3DS XL today and I'm so

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ahAHHAHA I just remembered that I'm covering for someone this saturday on teaching a two-hour character design class!!!!! this is on top of me laying out a new electricopolis book for Smudge Expo in March (I'm teaching that 3:00-3:50pm class on anime/manga and I'm also going to be tabling and stuff) and needing to make new business cards and ddDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

I'm like super stressed out right now I feel completely unprepared for anything ( ;;'_') this really snuck up on me!! cripes!! i can't do a whole lot until i talk to my contact about the class tonight, at 8pm, so i'm really trying not to worry until then....but ddd my handouts are so old and need to be redrawn, for sure...
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oh my god it's happening. Club Nintendo is dying so that Flipnote Studio 3D may finally live.

I'm not actually torn up about this because there's going to be a new rewards program later, and tbh Club Nintendo was really going downhill for a while anyway. (That said, I actually really enjoyed being a part of it, too. It was fun.) More than anything else I'm happy that Flipnote Studio 3D is FINALLY coming out at all, even though there's a lot of speculation that it'll be in an incredibly stripped-down, offline form.

And, y'know what, I was kind of grumbly about it earlier but I'm ultimately okay with this too. It's not exactly surprising, after what happened with Swapnote, and anyway, exporting to SD cards (or even uploading right from the 3DS) will do us okay. Hell, people were able to recreate Flipnote Hatena on the DSi in the form of Sudomemo, so who knows what else they'll be able to do?

In other news, RENT-A-HERO HAS FINALLY BEEN FULLY TRANSLATED. I'm really looking forward to spending the entire day playing it. Yesterday was really really hard on me, so I really need some time to just chill out and rent a hero.

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