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moon ([personal profile] lunarsystem) wrote2015-11-26 10:00 pm

thanksgiving anime log

First: Happy Thanksgiving! I've been in kind of a tender place lately so I'm staying off Twitter for a while.

Second, I've been watching more One Punch Man with my spouse (we're all caught up) and we started Osomatsu-san tonight too. Aside from the awful, awful homophobic caricature in the latest OPM, I'm really enjoying the current storyline and I'm getting really invested in all of the heroes, especially the sub-S class ones like Mumen Rider and Snek. I really like the huge amount of background NPC heroes who still end up getting fleshed out.

Also Osomatsu-san is completely my shit??? I'm like, actually physically exhausted because I love it so much?! After the second episode I had to take a break because it's just that incredible. Christ, an anime about six anime star brothers trying to survive in the modern world without ripping each other's throats out. I love it.
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[personal profile] tetsuro_hoshino999 2015-11-27 10:23 pm (UTC)(link)
I guess it takes 50 years for young characters to reach adulthood. It's going to take around 3 more decades for Ash Ketchum to grow up.

Joke aside, I'm been thinking of picking up Osotmatsu-san for quite some time now. It's rare to see a revival get this much attention so I would like to see what the show has done right. I expect giving the brothers their own personalities rather than being portrayed as hive-minded is really helping this show widen its audience.

I usually procrastinate on picking up new series (especially if it's long running) but I should watch it soon before the fandom gets so out of hand that I lose interest in watching it.