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moon ([personal profile] lunarsystem) wrote2015-10-26 10:57 pm

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Lately I've been inviting Filmia (the frog prince from The Legend of
Legacy) into my head more often, because I need a presence to uplift me and
push me into being energetic, proactive and just generally more Doing.

It's a little weird because I haven't actually gotten used to interacting
with him yet, so I have to do that more. He's very cheery and always has a
suggestion (even if it's as simple as "go outside and look at the world!"),
but I have to make sure to invite his input first. I tend to get really
wrapped up in my own world, and with the exception of Robo, not a lot of my
characters really speak up without being spoken to first. Well, practice
makes perfect...

I kind of want to start keeping a physical journal again too, but I always
have such a hard time keeping up on it...phew...I'll think on it more.

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