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moon ([personal profile] lunarsystem) wrote2015-09-21 02:40 pm

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Ok, well, Skype is down, so I'm trying a couple other alternate messengers today:

-LINE (name: madamluna) - easy to use and looks cute, lots of stickers, but you can't use it on more than one device which is a real killer for me

-Telegram (name: madamluna24, you can message me by clicking here) - fast, secure, really nice. only wrinkle is that it works off your phone number abd mobile contacts, so it's a little confusing--you can find me by username and message me w/o having to add me to your contacts, so I show up in yor chat history, but if we swap phone numbers then Telegram will add us to each other's contact list. Aside from that weirdness, I like Telegram a lot. You can use it seamlessly on multiple devices, for one thing.

It doesn't have as big a sticker selection as LINE but apparently you can make custom sets, which I'm excited about!

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