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taken from [personal profile] militarypenguin

give me a pairing and I'll answer with who:
- falls asleep on the couch
- makes friends with the neighbors
- is the adventurous eater
- hogs the covers at night
- forgets to do the dishes
- tries to surprise their partner more often
- leaves dirty laundry on the floor
- stays up til 2 AM reading
- sings in the shower
- takes the selfies
- plans date night
- drinks all the coffee
- brings up adopting a pet
- always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping
- nicknames the other
Fandoms: Mario (basically anyone from Smash Bros), Punch-Out!!, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (parts 1-3), Final Fantasy (I, II, IV, V, VI, VII, IX), Kaiji (parts 1-3), Bonanza Bros, uhhh, a bunch of other stuff? ask me if you're not sure. Crossovers are cool too!
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i started thinking of em recently, so, heike and macho
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Aaaaaaa this is so cute <333
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