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I haven't talked a lot about this guy yet, but if you follow my twitter or tumblr you might recognize him as the Dark Spelunker from "Spelunker World" for the PS4. He's a definite bad boy, but also just as fragile as the other spelunkers, so it's pretty funny. Still, I've gotten really attached to him and he's turned into a soulbond for me, which is pretty cool. He's been showing up a lot in my dreams and I talk to him sometimes...surprisingly enough, he gives really good advice.

He's also really vain and likes it when I draw him, of course.

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Spoilers below! Just posting this for my own reference.

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,,,feel alienated from the world and everyone in it. had a really bad day today

i feel uncomfortably out of place, like a misaligned print or that image of the woman with two mouths and two sets of eyes. like i'm something that doesn't belong in this world, grating against the rest of it. ddddd. ddddddddddd

i feel so ◁̙◔̲◧̟◆̥◰̒◶̕◗᷊◼̠◠͛◡̑◇̧◰̏▴̨◘̇◩̪◠ͤ▵̾◈͉◮̀◇͕◢͗▾͐▬̍◐͚▼̼■᷄◖̡◶᷿◖̙▫̜▾͊◑̭◪̓◹̞▷͡◜̌◆᷾◡ͣ▸᷃◵͎▨̳▹ͭ◃̋▢̅▬̫◚̃▰̪◔͞◲ͩ◛͒▬̔▱͆▶ͮ◨᷆◉̏◱͌◱ͮ▤̢▴̔◇̨◾͐◊͂▽̓◆ͦ◣᷄▹͞◟̙▽̻◁͋◯͉▣̘▶ͯ◘̧▭͓▭͉▣̅▬̸▰᷊◇̰◁͗◢̖►̗◇̛■᷇◩̝△̯◕̻◸͍▹̽▥͛▽᷅▲ͪ◮͔◁᷄▭᷀◝ͦ▮̌◣᷾◮ͪ▨̷◰̆◮᷂◑ͥ◺̂◔̲▵᷃◠̈́◕͐○͐◗̒◨᷄◽̞◿͢◗͈◩̤◀̘▵̔◾̣▨᷈◲͕◓̐◌̓◄᷃◹͋◷̀▯̮○͛▵͂◒̺○᷀◮᷿◰̭◴᷆▻̡■̥△͞◱ͯ◝͘◀͏◻̓◐᷁◪̛▷̠▭̹▥̎▱̡◗̡▧́▾͇■̢◜͈◛͗◈̟◬̵◛᷉◅̌▸͎▾͉◺̖◄͛◿᷀△̾◥̂▷̚▯̀▶̸▨̐►̃▦͞◬̽◷̸◢᷈▨̢◥̆▸̫◐̄◪͛◌̏▨̲◤̈◊̭◖̡◕̀▴͎▸᷾▨᷂◄̭◚̩◔̎▫̀◞̀■̲◰̆◉̗◒̢■̃■̊▦̋◅̆▸̌◿͐◪͎◥̶◐ͨ▦ͧ◭͉◬̬●̌◉͕▬᷄□᷉◷͝◷̚▥᷈◾̲◈ͦ◄͓►ͥ◊̪□᷃▮̇◾ͭ◮̙◦᷊
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First: Happy Thanksgiving! I've been in kind of a tender place lately so I'm staying off Twitter for a while.

Second, I've been watching more One Punch Man with my spouse (we're all caught up) and we started Osomatsu-san tonight too. Aside from the awful, awful homophobic caricature in the latest OPM, I'm really enjoying the current storyline and I'm getting really invested in all of the heroes, especially the sub-S class ones like Mumen Rider and Snek. I really like the huge amount of background NPC heroes who still end up getting fleshed out.

Also Osomatsu-san is completely my shit??? I'm like, actually physically exhausted because I love it so much?! After the second episode I had to take a break because it's just that incredible. Christ, an anime about six anime star brothers trying to survive in the modern world without ripping each other's throats out. I love it.
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I really like cartoon violence, it's very My Aesthetic so I figured I'd put together an inspiration post along those lines. Warnings for morbid imagery, etc. This is also a really long post so most of it's under a cut!

Antonio Prohias' Spy vs Spy

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 ATTN FOLLOWERS: @madamluna is now [personal profile] lunarsystem !
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I still need to do actual research on this, but something weird happens in my dreams and I'm curious if it happens to many others also. Basically, when I'm dreaming, I often experience persistent places and structures, and memories from these dreams persist from one night to the next as well.

This isn't too unusual, but the weird thing is that...well, take this example: I keep dreaming of a distinct series of roads and turns that I can take to get to restaurants or other areas. The dream world has a superficial physical appearance of the area around my parents' house, but when I'm awake, I don't confuse the directions I take in the dream with the directions I take in real life. Part of this is because the destinations in the dream--bookstores, restaurants, etc--don't actually exist irl, but in the dream I'm convinced they're real, so I'm surprised I don't get
confused. It's like I can simultaneously exist in both worlds at different times, with each world being a legitimate physical place with its own rules.

Here are a few examples of locations in the dream world that I've visited multiple times:


  • A hotel with 50 floors, the upper ones of which are only accessible using a particular service elevator (i get chased by people often in this place and have to go to the maintenance areas)

  • A sprawling mall with one or two shabby arcades and an import game goods shop (I get lost here sometimes)

  • A cross-state drive that takes me to Delaware via peaceful, wandering country roads (this might actually be real, I forget, it's been years since i drove to DE)

  • A huge house that I live in with my parents and some other people. It has lots of rooms but is structured really oddly, almost like a cat tower--it has floors without stairs that you have to climb up to, and bathrooms connected to bedrooms in all kinds of disparate styles. It also has a basement sewer entrance and a secret attic that I sometimes hide in.
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Jesus, I feel like a mess. We had some really weird dreams last night and I was in 'em, which isn't exactly unusual. But they were real personal this time...I was takin' over for Sketch/the moon when it was talkin' to one of its friends, and all the advice I gave them was completely off the mark! For me! Me, Robo, the master of reading people and giving relatively sage advice!

Well, anyway, it was only a dream. Whew. Today Mobo and I are gonna try to be social since it's Halloween, but we're all feelin' kinda tired so we'll see how that goes, I suppose.

Hi to new followers, by the way. Pleased to meetcha. I made an introduction post a ways down the page if you wanna know more about me (and the other folks here). We were thinking of filtering out the "museposts," that is, everything not posted by the main moon itself--but the fact of the matter is that if we did, you probably wouldn't see anything here at all. Sorry. Guess you're stuck with me! Hee hee hee!
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Well, that was just lovely! We were all so tired after going to the lake that we went to bed very early...but it was a very enjoyable walk. Beautiful golden light, the sounds of insects everywhere...and, yes, even frogs! It's enough to make one sing with joy. 

The moon took several very nice photographs, too. One moment, please...

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Ah! The lake!  This afternoon we're all going to go to the lake together! How exciting! I've wanted to learn more about this strange area ever since I "moved" here, so to speak!

I wonder what kinds of monsters live there. Bogsaurs, perhaps? Fearsome creatures that lurk beneath the surface of the water? Or maybe just garden-variety fish? Maybe there shall even be other frogs there! Oh, happy day!

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Hey, Robo here. I'm posting for me and my brother Mobo right now--if you see just one of us talking, then it's usually just me, since I'm the chattier one of the two. Nice to meet you Dreamwidth folks. Apparently it's pretty quiet around here, but that's just dandy by us. We don't really like being disturbed.

Anyway, I know we (cumulative "we" here, all of us what talk to the moon) have been making a lot of posts lately, but hey, we're sociable like that, so who's complaining? I feel like most people here are already gonna know who me and my brother are, but here's a brief overview: we're thieves, we're snoops, we bust things up sometimes. We're real close to the moon, especially me, and I like to take over when it isn't feeling all that well. I get along well with Bob Sparker and also Prince Filmia, and, of course, with Mobo. (Mobo in a nutshell: tiny, tough, makes lewd jokes, actually a real nice guy to talk to.)

Hopefully Bob will start making some posts as well. He doesn't seem to talk very much, which I find bizarre because he's a dynamo onstage. Then again, some people are just like that. I hear Johnny Carson was the same way--"if everyone had a blinking red light in their heads, he'd be charming all the time!"

I should probably talk about the color coding. This is all tentative and some of it might be hard to tell apart, so we tend to label our posts/dialogue/whatever as well.

moon: black/normal formatting.
Robo: Red.
Mobo: Blue.
Bob Sparker: Green.
Filmia: Teal.

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Greetings, one and all! this how it works? Are you getting all of this, friend moon?


Excellent! You see (I am addressing now the cumulative "you" of the readers), I'm dictating this to the moon, who is transcribing it on this strange machine. I'm not entirely sure how this works, but the ultimate goal is to have a kind of visible diary that people all over the world can read, if they choose to do so! Isn't that amazing? With a little time, perhaps I can even use it myself! It doesn't look too difficult, with these buttons that you press, that have letters on does this work? Does it run on elementals?

((It's hard to explain. Computers are basically magic.))

Isn't everything!

Well, I suppose I should introduce myself properly, shouldn't I? My name is "He who befriends the whispers of night, who beharkens the starlight, and who besnares the sparrow and the lightningbug," but that's a bit of a mouthful, so via translation and abbreviation, I am known to my friends as Prince Filmia, or just Filmia for short. I have made the acquaintance of the moon and its friends recently, and so I would like to transcribe my impressions of them here. Ahem. Cut, please.
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Filmia: To tell you the truth, the Frog Clan has long admired the moon...


Filmia: Of course! That which watches over us at night, which casts silvery light upon the lakes and marshes, which inspires every bird and beast to song...why, we've composed numerous odes to that heavenly sphere! Would you like me to sing one for you?

That'd be very nice, thank you...

Filmia: (croaks)

Ah.................thank you, Prince Filmia.
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I'm not human and I'm trying to figure out how I feel about that...

Filmia: Not human, you say?

Yes. I'm definitely not human.

Filmia: Well, neither am I! Serendipitous, isn't it? (croaks happily) We are part of a grand, nonhuman siblinghood!

Well, sort of, I think... Sometimes I take a lot of pride in it. But I can't shake this "what if I just don't feel good enough to be human?" What if calling myself "not a human" is just my way of beating up on myself?

Filmia: Well, what do you consider "being human," then? What can humans do that you can't?

Well...when I feel most like "a person" is when I cook and clean and do generally productive human things...but then I don't suddenly call myself a human on those days. I just feel like I've been a very productive moon.

Filmia: Then that should settle it, don't you think? (croak) A productive moon, a nonproductive're still a moon, and that's that! There's nothing inherently more noble about being human, you know. 

That's true...

Filmia: Now, frogs, on the other hand...I daresay we have some inherent nobility ourselves! (croaks happily) But then again, I admit my own biases on the subject!
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DC and I went to bed at about 10:30 last night (par for the course for me, very early for him tho) and I couldn't sleep through the night, so I'm awake at 4 am now. I don't mind too much--I polished off some leftovers in the fridge and now I'm just chilling on my ipod :^) sometimes it's really nice to be up at this time, especially when the windows are up and I can hear the bugs outside. The cicadas are either gone or sleeping, so right now it's mostly grasshoppers and what sounds like frogs.

Being able to hear outside creatures is pretty important to helps me feel connected to the world, and more hopeful.

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Ok, well, Skype is down, so I'm trying a couple other alternate messengers today:

-LINE (name: madamluna) - easy to use and looks cute, lots of stickers, but you can't use it on more than one device which is a real killer for me

-Telegram (name: madamluna24, you can message me by clicking here) - fast, secure, really nice. only wrinkle is that it works off your phone number abd mobile contacts, so it's a little confusing--you can find me by username and message me w/o having to add me to your contacts, so I show up in yor chat history, but if we swap phone numbers then Telegram will add us to each other's contact list. Aside from that weirdness, I like Telegram a lot. You can use it seamlessly on multiple devices, for one thing.

It doesn't have as big a sticker selection as LINE but apparently you can make custom sets, which I'm excited about!

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give me a pairing and I'll answer with who:
- falls asleep on the couch
- makes friends with the neighbors
- is the adventurous eater
- hogs the covers at night
- forgets to do the dishes
- tries to surprise their partner more often
- leaves dirty laundry on the floor
- stays up til 2 AM reading
- sings in the shower
- takes the selfies
- plans date night
- drinks all the coffee
- brings up adopting a pet
- always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping
- nicknames the other
Fandoms: Mario (basically anyone from Smash Bros), Punch-Out!!, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (parts 1-3), Final Fantasy (I, II, IV, V, VI, VII, IX), Kaiji (parts 1-3), Bonanza Bros, uhhh, a bunch of other stuff? ask me if you're not sure. Crossovers are cool too!
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the inside of a cat's ears, clean and pink like seashells.

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