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I'm thinking back to college and one of my least favorite things about college was the insistence on using certain really needlessly specific supplies for assignments. Like, I have a pad of Smooth Cotton Comp paper which I only ever bought because the teacher insisted on it, though I have absolutely no idea why. I had to hop from store to store to get it, and even now, Googling for "cotton comp paper" brings up only the results from Borden and Riley's site--it's like no other company makes this kind of paper at all??

It's really baffling to me. It's not like watercolor paper, which has a huge variety, and paper that's good for markers comes in a million different forms. I usually used bristol or vellum for finished work and sketchbooks for rough work, so why the insistence on "smooth cotton comp?" It claims to be bleedproof, but that only holds true if you're using water-based markers, because Sharpies or Copics bleed right through it without a problem. (The closest things I can compare this paper to are those packs of Copic-specific paper that are very thin and yet bleedproof, so I guess it's like that except for everything except Copic?)


[EDIT: All that said, I'm drawing on this with some stabilo 68 fine point water-based markers and I'm really digging how smooth and bright they are on this. That goes to show me, I guess!]

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