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Should use DW more. Should follow more people! But shared interests = lol what? True, I followed a few randoms and I used to enjoy reading posts about people in different fields/with different interests, but the DW randoms I followed don't post any more/only post once every 6 months. (and a distressing ratio of them turned out to be Islamophobes lmfao no thank you)

It is my hope that when my life stops being such a badly-tuned hold pattern, I can actively follow people on the internet again. I'm not in the city at the moment, but I feel more prepared to go outside my comfort zone and make new friends in person, too.

I have more thoughts I need to process about socialisation and my own self-enforced isolation not being healthy but being incredibly necessary at this stage, but gosh, I'm bored writing about it.

I've been sketching weird monster/centaur women. I think I will try polishing one of these sketches tonight.
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Summary: Ashi revisits the marketplace. Takes place in an indeterminate time between episodes XCIX and C. Jack/Ashi.
Content warnings: None, just some good old-fashioned fluff.
Notes: Special thanks to Annie for being my beta!

The marketplace was as colorful and bustling with life as it had been when she first visited it with Jack. )

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Jun. 20th, 2017 06:21 pm
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Brain ebbs and brain flows. Right now, I'm in a good space. More worrisome, I'm on day two or three of a good space, which means my entire life is going to come crashing down like day after tomorrow.

On the plus side I got put on another therapist's waiting list, and I have an appointment on Monday for potential intake/placement. Whee! And I have most of the next two weeks essentially off, which means I'm gonna have fuckall ability to get shit done, of course, because no routine.

Sometimes I can't tell whether I'm being depressed or realistic and it's annoying as hell.

Anywho, a quick todo list for the next few days:
TMC minutes, Pinewoods costuming and packing, apply for all the jobs, maybe work some? Work on my room for suresies. I should probably make some Active Effort on getting my place into some semblance of livable --I'd like to have access to a desk again (especially because then I could reinstate the rule where I'm not allowed to use the lappy in bed which might be good.)

What else...

Last night's dance was _really good_. It was solely dances from books 1-3, which means among other things we got to do the SCD version of the Virginia Reel. (People get annoyed by this sort of thing, which means I go up to both the teacher and the teacher-coordinator and explicitly anti-complain about having weird historical stuff to try).

There were some other really (physically) hard dances too, and the whole thing ended off with Mari's Wedding. This is great, except that my legs hurt and I have a billion hours of squares and rounds today and then highland tomorrow. I look forward to continuing to torment my body (I should do my pushups).

I have made a new friend! It's a new internet friend, which is the _best kind_. His name is Quads (well okay, technically it's something about quadrilaterals, but I started calling him Quads and then he changed his nick to match so I'm going with it) and he's into musical theatre and used to dance. I met him through the most recent incarnation of The Pie Shop, which let me tell you it is so important to my brain to have access to an IRC-like, apparently. Not enough for me to actually get into IRC (because honestly, at least half of the desire is a place to chill with mek), but having a general chatroom to harass people and the like is great.

I should really get into Slack, shouldn't I?

I've also _finally_ put together my Dreamwidth friends list, so I can actually come read over here. This is a good thing! This means I'ma read LONG FORM BLOGGING! And then maybe someday I will comment on LONG FORM BLOGGING and even get more people to do it, damnit.

Dunno. Not too much else to say, but glad to be saying things. This has been a bad year for writing AND LET'S NOT TALK ABOUT THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN DEPRESSION GETTING WORSE AND NOT WRITING NOPE.

Hearts and stuff.



Jun. 21st, 2017 12:14 am
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Having a really bad time getting my brain to quit intoning you are a hollow husk of a human being with no inherent worth and just help me draw stupid fun fanart already.

I'm legit worried I used up what little creative juice I had today on the rude email I sent to an office full of jackasses who deserved it.

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Jun. 19th, 2017 03:19 pm
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Here are my plans for the week!

I didn't get called in to substitute, which means today is a Day Off. I set myself three goals for the day (wash hair, call a therapist, apply for a job) and I have completed the first two! I also sent out the survey for the Highland Ball.

Other stuff I might do today includes creating a rough draft of the TMC minutes from our June meeting, and finally getting my shit together about making a DW friends list so I can come back here proper. More immediately, I'm gonna go get some lunch.

a'ight, pasta water's boiling. Carry on, self!

Normal nannying day. Head to MIT after for squaresing. Fuck around MIT from 4ish to 7ish and...do more computer-based stuff? Work on the Highland Ball Bible? Apply for a job, for sursies. Maybe work on a secret project. Go to Squares and dance a lot, then come home and sleep.

Oh, I know, tomorrow's Big Task will be designing the buttons for ESCape

This is where I suddenly stop having a job for a few weeks, because I was gonna go to NYFaerieFest but then...I'm not. Anywho, hopefully I will work at the bananamines in the afternoon. The evening will be the last Highland class until September, gosh!

I'm not technically nannying, but I'm gonna go out and accompany Rbeast and her other nanny to playgroup, for last playgroup. Because I like all the adults there (and also all the kids) dag-nabbit! After, I'm gonna head to Arlington and babysit the little bear while her mother gets work done.

Picnic lunch plans. The morning will involve preparing said picnic lunch, unless I'm really useful Thursday night. Then picnic lunch on the commons with a friend, and maybe bananamines in the afternoon if I'm lucky. Should possibly throw my name out there for general work accessibility. *SHRUGS*

I actually have no plans for the weekend, but I could find a ride to ESC and pack for Pinewoods's and other stuff like that. Also clean my room. Also maybe a social of some sort??

I am taking over RBeastcare on...Wednesday, I think. My planner knows for certain, I'll double-check.
Basically no other plans except "Scavenge work because money" and "prep for Pinewoods".

And that's me!


10 years of gay lawyers

Jun. 17th, 2017 02:55 pm
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I've browsed through my Ace Attorney tag on LJ and, according to one of the entries, I finished the first game on June 17th, 2007, making today its tenth anniversary. I'm not sure what day was the day I "officially" joined the fandom, or what even qualifies as "joining" a fandom (is it expressing interest in the product? is it making fan material for it? It's still a mystery to me), but I think it's fair to mark today as the day that I've been in it for a decade.

There's been a number of fandoms I've joined over a decade ago, many of which are still important to me today, but I have to make a special mention for Ace Attorney. Not only is it the fandom I've been the most persistently involved in, but, well, it's probably the one that's changed my life the most. There's been many, many life-changing works I've encountered and will continue to encounter, but this is the one that helped me to clarify a lot about myself and shape the person I aspired to be. Through playing the games, through writing fanfiction, I learned so much about myself, and I think I learned a great deal about others as well. And it's given me so, so many good memories, I've no idea where to begin.

I suppose it's odd, because it isn't as though Ace Attorney is a deeply psychological work or character study (this is the franchise where you interrogate a parrot), though it certainly dabbles in those topics. Yet, I've seen others who've been similarly affected by it as I have. As corny as it may sound, maybe the franchise revealed a few Psyche-Locks within our own hearts in need of breaking that we didn't know we had.

Thank you for the memories, Ace Attorney. Here's looking to ten more years of it.

(It still feels weird to call it “Ace Attorney” and not “Phoenix Wright.”)


Jun. 17th, 2017 11:59 pm
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Considering taking off and driving south again. Tomorrow, even. Not because I need to bug out this time, at least.

I have nothing pressing to do, I'm in a weird transitional period, and I need to put things in my brain that aren't Youtube videos before I lose what remaining ability I have to communicate with my peers.

I made two weird discoveries in the past half hour which reaffirmed to me finding things to do that aren't related to Internet or Nerd Shit is a really good idea. One of the discoveries is legitimately hilarious, yet also kinda fucked me up and I know no one I could vent to who'd really understand. (The other is TMI and I'm feeling bashful lmao)

It's time to go into the wilderness for a bit, hug a tree. Enter the desert. Fight a goanna.

EDIT: There is a non-zero chance I will reemerge even more obtuse and embarrassing, but if that's the way my psyche really wants to go, let's go then. Their Destiny Was Foreordained, and all that.

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