Apr. 20th, 2015

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Apr. 20th, 2015 04:39 pm
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(crossposted between Dreamwidth and Livejournal)

So I've been on Dreamwidth for a little while now, and while I like it, there's also been talk of other people coming back to Livejournal. Since I'm indecisive and can't figure out what to stick with, I'm going to be crossposting at both places for a little bit to test it out. (LJ Scrapbook is hard to resist, too.)

However, I've wanted to kind of separate myself from a lot of people and things from my past, so I've tried to clean out my friends list as best I can, especially by banning old & inactive accounts that were still following me. Along the way I might have banned people I didn't mean to, so if you can't post a comment here or something and you'd like to, just drop me a line on my DW account and I'll probably unban you. (Please don't take it personally if I don't, though.  got reasons.)

Anyway, here are some haunts of mine nowadays:

  • Twitter - Same old, same old. I don't know, Twitter kinda stresses me out lately, but whatever.

  • electricopolis.net - My web site!!! I finally got this series up and going last summer (in June!), and it's been going really well since then!
  • pkohberger @ tumblr - I post art on my normal tumblr and stuff, but this is more of a fancy-dancy portfolio thing with Nice Art (including fanart)
  • Bonanza Bros. RP blog and Super Macho Man RP blog - This is actually pretty important! I've been running these blogs for a while (over a year for Macho, I think? And almost a year for the Bonanzas?) and I've been really enjoying them.
  • Archive of Our Own - I need to upload more fanfic to this, but it's a pretty good repository as-is, I think.

That's about it, I think!

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